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As the birthplace of several major world religions as well as a location of modern political interest and economic commerce, it’s no wonder the Middle East is a rapidly expanding tourist destination. This is especially true of Dubai, which is developing at an almost impossible pace.

The Middle East is closer than you think with nonstop service from Chicago to Dubai. Even if you don’t live in the Midwest it can still be only a single-connection flight away.

What about the food?
Well, you will find two major styles of cuisine; Mediterranean and Desert.

Mediterranean Cuisine: olive oil is heavily used. Different meats and fried fish are very common, and green vegetable are heavily used.
Desert Cuisine: entrees often paired with chicken and rice. The use of aromatic herbs, spices and chili makes it very particular, and sometimes absolutely delicious.

The food remains awesome in every respect with well-known foodies like Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern recently hosting their TV shows in several Middle Eastern countries. Needless to say they raved about the local dishes.

Dubai Travel & Vacations

Dubai is an emerging metropolis, becoming a business and cultural center in the Middle East.

Israel Travel & Vacations

This tiny land is rich with landscape, heritage, culture, food, adventure, and nightlife! See the desert blossom with beautiful flowers in the spring. Ski in the mountains (yes, they get snow!) Float in the Dead Sea.

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