Maui Island

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As the second largest island of Hawai’i, Maui has a smaller population than you’d expect. Known for being a romance and culture destination, guests of Maui seek variety and charm in a relaxed manner on their own time.

Creating Your Awe-Inspiring Maui Vacation

This island-known as “The Valley Isle”- is for those that enjoy the simple yet awe-inspiring experiences in life. See a sunrise like you’ve never imagined in the midst of clouds on the Haleakala Crater; watch a 45-foot whale breach from your balcony along the coast of Lahaina; even a leisurely drive can be turned into an adventure as you lose count of the waterfalls along the Hana highway’s hairpin turns. A visit to the Valley Isle is sure to recharge the senses.

The summertime between April and November is warmer and drier while the wintertime between December and March is a bit cooler. Trade winds across the island keep things comfortable year-round, however. Whale watching season here begins in December and ends in May, with peak months between January and early April. Winter is big wave surf season on Maui’s north shore!

Renting a car for your time in Maui can be useful for those that like to travel at a leisurely pace. The daring and experienced driver could consider undertaking the Hana Highway on their own; otherwise, we advise leaving the drive in the hands of an experienced local guide.

We recommend visiting the islands of Hawai’i for at least 7 nights or longer. A stay on Maui can be complimented by splitting the rest of your stay on another one of the islands.

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