Congratulations, Chad & Sarah!

Chad and Sarah met in the summer of 2013.

Their first date was to the Wisconsin State Fair,

where they cheered on the pig and duck races, played carnival games,

and sang along with a dueling pianos show.

Over the past three years, Chad and Sarah have found that

they really enjoy showing each other new things

and exploring new adventures together.

In many ways, they are a case of “opposites attract” – Chad loves

teaching Sarah how to golf and how to compete in fantasy football,

as well as how to appreciate motivational stories and inspirational people in athletics.

Sarah loves helping Chad develop his music and theater

appreciation by taking him to concerts and shows.  Even in something

they both love – football – they are opposites because they passionately root on

opposing sides of one of the oldest football rivalries there is!

But, as Chad assured Sarah when they first discovered their mismatched football loyalties,

“It keeps things interesting!”  They’ve also found that together they like exploring new places,

finding trails to hike or bike, or seeing historical places.

And of course, they also appreciate quiet nights at home watching

movies, sports, and dramatic tv series, and they really love being

close to their families.  In fact, one of the things that Sarah most admired

and loved about Chad, all the way back to their earliest conversations,

was how clearly he loved his family, and how he goes to great lengths to do things

for them and plan things with them.

Similarly, Chad has always loved Sarah’s sweet and caring demeanor,

and her kindness to others. In the past three years, Chad and Sarah have grown as people

in expanding their horizons while they’ve grown in love as a couple.

They look forward to many more adventures as husband and wife,

and to becoming a family together.

Now they’re off to explore Riviera Maya, Mexico,

where they hope to take a horseback ride through the jungle,

explore cenote caves, and visit Mayan ruins.

They would appreciate honeymoon credits

in any amount to help them have a

memorable and adventurous honeymoon.

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All our best to the happy couple,
Lisa & Staff
Lisa Hoppe Travel Consulting