Zach Calonder Sarah Goetz

Congratulations, Zach and Sarah!

We are delighted to help Zach and Sarah plan their dream honeymoon to Divi Little Bay Beach Resort in St Maarten!

Help make their trip even more memorable by giving them a gift from the list of their Honeymoon Wish List items (below)!

You may contact our agency at 414-258-8715 or [email protected] to purchase any of these amazing experiences for them or if you have questions regarding any of the items listed.

All our best to the happy couple,
Lisa & Staff
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divi bay beach resort st maarten


Private Airport Transfers (round-trip) $162
(for 2 people)
Discover Scuba Diving
Ever been curious about scuba diving? Our Discover Scuba Diving Experience
is the perfect opportunity to give scuba a try with direct supervision at all
times. Learn basic techniques from a PADI professional, then, put your newly
acquired skills to the test in shallow water. This introductory class may count
towards future certification. Scuba gear included.
(for 2 people)
Explore St Barts
A fun day excursion to stunning St Barts awaits, a mere 45-minute ferry ride
takes you to Gustavia Harbor, the heart of all island activity. Take advantage
of artisan’s morning hours to get your shopping-fix, then take a taxi to explore
the island’s enchanting 9 square miles filled with white sandy beaches, great
snorkeling opportunities, tasty restaurants and even a unique shell museum.
(for 2 people)
Anguilla & Prickly Pear Catamaran Sail
Any trip to St Maarten would not be complete without a day trip to the
gorgeous and unspoiled island of sun and sand – “Prickly Pear Cay” and her
unparalleled sister – “Anguilla”. You’ll begin your journey by sailing to Prickly
Pear where you will encounter mesmerizing white sandy beaches and snorkel
in turquoise blue waters, teeming with brilliantly hued fish and other exotic
marine life. Then, you’ll head to an exquisite beach on Anguilla for a
delectable lunch and enjoy some of the most stunning views St. Maarten has to offer!
(for 2 people)
Honeymoon Credit
Apply payment toward overall honeymoon trip
Any dollar amount Unlimited

*Please note: If you are purchasing a gift from a group of people, one payment option will be needed to purchase the item(s).