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Congratulations, Annie & Kenny!

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A visit to the Pitons is definitely one of things you must do in your lifetime. Snaking up the misty, jungle-covered, boulder-strewn mountainside for the huge views from the top, is an experience well worth the hike. Afterwards, head to a rest stop for a sumptuous lunch of local delicacies and a refreshing swim in the majestic Caribbean Sea.

$290 (for 2 adults) PURCHASED

 SOUFRIERE Experience

Board your speedboat on the beach and cruise down the west coast to see the famous Marigot Bay and our local fishing villages of Anse La Raye and Canaries. We then head down to the majestic Pitons, a world heritage site as we go snorkeling in the marine reserves. After this, your tour bus will be waiting to take you on a relaxing drive through the town of Soufriere to go to our only drive in volcano, where you can take a therapeutic dirty dip in our mineral mud bath, we then head to the waterfalls and botanical gardens for a refreshing swim. Our homemade creole lunch will be served at a local home while you enjoy a family atmosphere which you will no doubt remember for a long time to come.

$250 (for 2 adults)  PURCHASED

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