River Cruising: The Exotics

River Cruising: The Exotics

The Mekong

Mekong River Cruise in Vietnam and CambodiaExperience Vietnam and Cambodia on this fabled river, also known as the “Mother of Water.” For centuries, the sagas of ancient emperors, colonial powers and modern conflicts have unfolded along its banks. To this day, the river serves as a vital lifeline to millions of people. On any cruise down this waterway, you will find a compelling contract between past and present. Lisa and her husband recently took on The Mekong River Delta themselves and can tell you much about the warmth and beauty they found here. Everything from fishing villages and monasteries to floating markets was within their reach. And it can be within yours as well.

The Chobe

Africa River Cruising in BotswanaFew river cruise lines venture into Africa. But it’s worth seeking out the ones that do. This scenic and amazing river forms the northern boundary of Chobe National Park in Botswana. It is a rich haven for wildlife. A unique combination of a river cruise and immersive land program is the ultimate way to discover this must-see part of the world.

The Irrawaddy

Irrawaddy River Cruises in MyanmarLocated within Myanmar (formerly Burma), this river is the epitome of the path less travelled. Up until recently the region was largely unexplored by outsiders. This means now is the ideal time to visit this mystical destination. You’ll find former royal capitals, temples, and pagodas for days, as well as authentic locals. The smiling women in bright dress, robed monks and skilled fisherman will all cross your path as you immerse yourself in this cultural experience.

The Amazon

Amazon River CruiseIn a world where it seems everything has been touched by man you can still venture into a vastly uninterrupted wilderness of untamed biodiversity. On an Amazon River cruise you’ll be able to find the start of the Amazon River in Peru and follow it to places you never could have imagined. After days spent in search of rare wildlife, swimming with pink river dolphins and visiting native communities you can return to a luxurious suite aboard the river cruising vessel of your choice.


Wherever you wish to journey on the water, your floating hotel awaits. Most ships feature spacious staterooms with private balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows. The luxury doesn’t stop there. River cruise lines are constantly aiming to provide a more pleasant atmosphere to passengers. They’ve brought in added amenities, authentic artworks and are adopting the most innovative design standards.
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