River Cruising in Europe

River Cruising in Europe

Gone are the days where you must disembark a ship with 5,000 of your closest friends to explore a port. River cruises are taking tourists closer to the action, the culture, and the lifestyle of all the destinations they can access. These small ships can dock in smaller ports, reaching places big cruise ships cannot. They are specifically designed to get you closer to the glorious destinations of your dreams.

Sail through the heart of Europe on its most iconic rivers: the meandering Main River, dotted with quaint villages, the Rhine River, lined with castles and fortresses, and the winding Moselle River with its steep vineyards.

These timeless rivers have shaped the continent’s history, culture, and geography for millennia. Now they have a chance to share your outlook on travel. Open your mind to a river cruise and be amazed.

The Rhine River is one of Europe’s most famously loved rivers. It was crucial to the historic cities built along the banks and continues to serve the citizens daily life. Come along on an epic adventure to feast your eyes upon fairy-tale castles, grand cathedrals, historic cities, medieval towns, and tons of spectacular scenery at every turn. There are endless ways to explore this great river on multiple cruise lines. Allow us to find the one that’s right for you!

The Danube River is another treasure of Europe’s landscape. It is a romantic river that allows you to leave behind western life and enter into a world that is filled with tradition and bursting with ancient architecture. For the lovers of history and leisurely escape, an 8 Day cruise into ‘Old Europe’ may be just what the doctor ordered. Greeted by ancient abbeys, beautiful palaces and historic landmarks left in the wake of World War II, you will find a sort of truly unmatched insight into these vibrant destinations.

These curated journeys allow you to step back in time to voyage through a continent of centuries past.

If you have been to a destination in Europe before and think you’ve seen it all, we deeply encourage you to take to the water for a completely new perspective:

When you see Paris from the Seine River, you are treated to a view of the city in all its gilded, endless glory. What could be more enchanting than the City of Light as seen from the water?

Specialty cruises are also offered. Certain cruise lines have wine cruises for those lovers of a full glass at the end of the day. Holiday season cruises are big too – imagine seeing the famed Christmas Markets of Munich and Nuremburg in all their glowing, sparkling grandeur. The options are endless.

Make the most of your vacation time by tailoring your trip to suit your desires and preferences. All itineraries can be completely customized with pre or post offerings. Spending extra days in the setting of these magnificent cities will be the cherry on top of your perfect European itinerary.